Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Doin' the "Horrible"

Yes, in February I will be doing the Horrible with fellow endurance athlete Neal Radford...The Most Horrible Thing Ever that is. The Most Horrible Thing Ever is a 36 hour non-stop mountain bike race in the Pisgah National Forest in mid February. I raced the Pisgah MTB Adventure a few years back and was thoroughly cooked by the time we were done, and that was only after 9 hours. Oh and did I mention this race begins on Friday at Midnight? If 36 straight hours of Pisgah style riding wasn't bad enough, add a couple of days of sleep deprivation to get the ultimate character building experience. Check out this great logo...the race is no frills, no entry fee, and no prizes, but I really hope they get some shirts made to sell. This is one I gotta have.


Namrita O'Dea said...

ouch..just can't bring myself to do this one...cold and i do NOT get along. :( if it was during the summer i'd be all over it.

Lisa said...

Eh, how bad could it be, I mean, this is the south? (Waiting for lightening strike or some other warning sign...)

Neal Radford said...

WHAT!!! there is single track!?!?!

I am looking forward to it (really)...its great to have something on the horizon the scares me silly!