Sunday, July 27, 2008

Easy Ride

Relatively..only 3 hours around Pine Log to test out the newly configured hardtail on something a bit rougher than Blankets. It felt pretty good on the gravel roads, and even handled the lava rock sections pretty well. It's well worth the couple of seconds I may lose on the descents to have a lighter bike for pavement, climbs, and any potential bikewhack sections. It even handled one of the rocky, rutted, doubletrack sections really well.

We saw some AR geeks out there (sorry guys, the map case around the neck gives it away) likely doing some recon for the upcoming Goldrush race. If we do travel to Pine Log, I hope it's during the night, because it was toasty hot out there on some of the exposed gravel roads.

After the ride, I hit the pool to do some swimming with my fins and realized just how tired my quads were from yesterday's bumblefart adventure. This week is all about recovery rides and runs and getting mentally prepared for Goldrush. No caffeine this week, although I have 8 hours worth of manager training tomorrow at work, so I may need to break down and pick up a sweet tea from Chick-fil-a.

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