Monday, August 4, 2008

Gold Rush AR

We came, we saw, we conquered...but now we're pretty tired, thanks. The long version of the race report can be found here on the TrailBlazer AR forum.

Short version is we won, we didn't get attacked by yellowjackets, and I don't think I did any PERMANENT damage that will interfere with TR. Mostly soft tissue damage...

Some photos:

Jogging into Pine Log after being on our feet and in the water for the past 8 hours. I had a small cooler with cold Cokes in my gear bin. I promptly dumped that Coke into my water bottle for the bike, in lieu of Perpetuem. Sometimes you just gotta prioritize...

Coming into the cemetery TA after being on our bikes 6.5 hours and being nearly cooked to death in the hot sun. You can't see it but there is blood all over my right knee. It made me look really tough..too bad I did it just falling over on my bike while not riding..

Our bike flotilla. Nothing like dragging $15K worth of carbon fiber across the main channel of Lake Allatoona on a Sunday afternoon. This damn thing had so much drag that we were only moving about 1 mph. Thankfully it was seaworthy and we didn't lose any cargo on the way across.

Yeah, finished (finally). We were hoping to be done by 3 pm and it was just before 7. I think it had started to cool off about the same time we finished.

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Neal said...

Hey Lisa,

Great job (again!) -I am crippled but still smiling!
All the beat for TR.... you are a beast on the bike!