Monday, August 25, 2008


Sick + Rain + Business Travel = No Time to Ride

Argh..I'm going through some serious riding withdrawl!! After a 40+ hour riding week during TR, I came home, rode my singlespeed for 45 minutes and got sick about two hours later. Been sick now for a few days, but getting better and resting. Finally feel good enough to ride and what does it do? RAIN! And if it stops raining tomorrow, well that's just peachy since I'm getting on a plane and going to Virginia for a business trip until Friday and won't have my bike. At least I can bring my running shoes..

The upside is we are camping out at Cooper Creek this weekend for three days of riding and trail running. I don't think I'll be as ambitious as the first time we stayed there, but hopefully it will be a productive weekend.


James Bigler said...

Do they have singletrack at Cooper Creek? Amy and I rode some forest service roads up there a couple weeks ago. We saw some hiking trails but I wasn't sure if we could ride on them or not.

Congrats on your TR win by the way.

Carey Lowery said...

Need ... more ... endorphins.

Lisa said...

James -
Not really any singletrack in the immediate area, but some pretty fun FS Roads. Since I usually do 4-6 hour rides, I can easily link that area up with Bull Mtn to get some singletrack.

James Bigler said...

Thanks Lisa. I poked around on Google Maps a little. Didn't realize those two places could be linked.

Julia Radmann said...

Since when is Lisa scared of a little rain? Lol. Just kidding! I'm sure you could use a few more days of recovery, so don't beat yourself up over not being able to ride. :)