Sunday, September 14, 2008

Midnight Rush Adventure Race

Whew! For a "short" (14 hour) adventure race, the MRAR was pretty tough! There was a mandatory course that we had to complete along with several optional points. We were also advised that the course designers would be really surprised if anyone cleared the course, so then it became a guessing game of which points to skip.

Figuring we'd wait and see how we were running on time, we didn't plan to skip any early points, and identified two potenial drop points on the trekking section. Our strategy worked pretty well, and we only had to skip one optional trekking point while finishing with 35 minutes to spare.

A full race report is posted on the TrailBlazer's Forum here

After the results were tallied, we took home first place, as we were the only team to only skip one point. Our friends from Snickers Marathon took home second, missing only two points.

Next week...the 12 Hours of Dauset where our All-Female Foursome will take on our Coed Challengers.