Monday, September 22, 2008

Red Top

Today we had an Orienteering meet at Red Top Mtn State Park. Started off shaky as my first step down the stairs (after rolling out of bed at 9:15 am) caused my right quad to cramp. Drank some water, stretched, I'll be fine...just avoid jumping around too much and running Red Top..sure..

Started on the Red Course and probabaly did my least agressive O-meet run EVER. Tried to stick to the roads as much as possible to minimize the up/down...mostly the down. Didn't like the controls in overgrown yellowjacket landmine terrain and I wasn't in the mood to get lit up by those bastards. I WALKED carefully though those areas, not my usual thrash and bash. Made one little mistake that cost me about 5-7 minutes...mostly due to not wanting to go through more dense vegetation. Then saw Chris who started AFTER me. He takes off and I contine to lollygag, looking for open woods wherever possible. Feeling VERY wimpy.. I take the road and run a longer route to the the last control and beat Chris there..he doesn't seem happy about that. Finish in 1:19. Not terrible, but not fast either. I actually had a cleaner run than usual, I just didn't move as fast.

Hung around to help with bag pickup, knee hurts now...grr.


Bo said...

Lisa, you should know by now that anything other than 1st is a humiliating, crushing defeat. You are certainly loosing your edge. Must be old age setting in. Drink a beer, go to a movie, rest up and get ready to snap your loosing streak this weekend. See ya Friday.

Lisa said...

Anybody seen my Geritol and Depends?

Julia Radmann said...

You were lollygagging at 1:19?
Makes me wonder what I was doing out there for 2 and a half hours then?!?

Neal said...

Bloody hell...if Lisa starts drinking beer I may have to come back from NZ :)

Good luck to all you guys at OME