Friday, November 14, 2008

One with the water...

Since I can't run or ride very effectively (well, at least not without serious modification to my left shoe) I've decided now is a good time to get back in the pool. My gym membership has become soley a donation to the YMCA for the past couple of months, so I'm glad to be using it again.

What I didn't realize is that my swimming form (did I EVER have any??), endurance and speed have gone south for the winter. I felt fine in the water and it SEEMED like I was moving pretty good, but the stopwatch tells a different story. Granted I couldn't kick very hard, but still...

I've also started lifting again, so look for my rock-hard beefcake body in a couple of months. I figured no reason my upper body can't do some work while my lower body recovers a bit. Only problem is my arms are so tired I can't even hold the hairdryer up long enough to dry my hair!

I'm anxious for my new Specialized S-Works to show up, although I have grown quite fond of my lightweight hardtail. Kevin at OutSpokin' tells me it should be here sometime in December, so perhaps it will be an early Christmas present. BTW - Does anybody want to buy a "gently used" Size Small 2007 Turner Nitrous? I'm also anxious to see what our kits look like for next year - I'm hoping we keep the same colors and don't end up with desert camo or something equally hideous.

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