Wednesday, December 3, 2008


29 degrees...yeah, brrr

I decided to bail on my solo ride in Ellijay and just stay closer to home, thinking I could hit Blankets once it warms up above freezing. Supposedly, the gate is still closed as peeps are bitching and moaning that they drove up all the way up here this morning and it was still locked. Seeing as it was dry yesterday, I'm hoping someone goes over there and unlocks it BEFORE 5 pm, when it starts getting cold and dark. I dare not jump the gate, lest I be labelled as a reckless "gate-jumper" and rumors will fly about how I jumped the gate with my ATV and 8 reindeer and tore up the trails beyond repair. Hell, I'm even afraid to ride PAST the gate on Sixes Rd (even though I freakin' live here) for fear of mockery and ostracization. Yeah, its a rough crowd up in these parts...

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