Sunday, January 4, 2009

Soup anyone?

Well, the weekend wasn't a total rain-out, but I am getting tired of all the bike cleaning. I bailed on Snake Creek since it was wet and I knew I wouldn't post a fast time in the slop. Instead, we went for a quick spin around Pine Log where it started raining about a mile from the car. I just wanted to check out the new ride, and it performed nicely, even in the slop.

Today Kim and I did a FS road loop starting at Gates Chapel Rd. Highlights were actually seeing the sun and stripping down to only a short sleeve jersey (oh, and bottoms too...), almost getting run off the road by a head on vehicle on the wrong side while descending from Potatopatch, and a soupy, sloshy mess coming down Bear Creek. I seem to have gotten much faster and stronger on my geared bike from riding the singlespeed, so I think I'll keep on it. I will say I felt MORE tired after riding the geared bike today than ANY of my longer singlespeed rides this week.

All in all, it was a good week of riding despite the wetness. Tomorrow its off to VA for a business meeting and some recovery.

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