Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gold Branch O-Meet

So today I tried out my third pair of orienteering shoes. I hadn't found a pair I really liked yet, so I decided to give the Inov-8 Mudclaw 340 O+ shoes a try. The tread is very knobby and there are 10 metal spikes on each shoe. While the spikes are longer than on my other shoes and they are a bit annoying on pavement, they excel in the woods. The grip was superb and they fit pretty trim, so I felt sure of my foot placements and didn't trip over anything. One thing that they could improve is to make the heel cup deeper, like they do with their ultra-running shoes. This would give some extra ankle support, but I still found them pretty comfortable. The shoes are pretty narrow, so they might not fit those with wider feet...which is a bit of an issue, since you can pretty much only mail order them.

So with happy feet, I had a pretty good run. One minor mis-step that realistically only cost me about 2-3 minutes. Any other time lost was due to me not moving uphill fast enough. I got to chase down Chris and one of his coworkers, but they were moving pretty fast so I only seemed to see them at the last couple of controls.

Back to work tomorrow, and back to cold temps this week. Major Booo...I liked being able to wear shorts and short sleeve jerseys!

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