Friday, February 27, 2009

Running around in the rain..

I spent the better part of the morning running all over town and picking up stuff for the upcoming Blankets Creek Dirty the rain nonetheless. What fun it is to lug boxes out to your car in a downpour!

There must be something going around as well, because I've had quite a few people contact me for refunds due to various injuries and ailments...which is quite a hassle, as it requires extra work on my part...and since I'm working for absolutely nothing, the prospect of extra work is quite unappealing. I think everyone who races should put on one race a year, just to see what a ginormous amount of work it takes to pull an event off.

In light of these cancellations, I think I can squeeze in 5 more entrants or so. SOOOO...if you want to do this race and you actually read this blog (which I'm pretty sure only my mom reads it), you can email me with your contact info and I can add you to the list IF you are one of the first 5, AND you PROMISE to mail me a check in the next couple days. So that's lisa dot randall24 at gmail dot com if you're interested. Hurry this offer expires on Monday March 2nd...or whenever I say so since I am, afterall, the supreme ruler (a.k.a the biggest sucker) of this event.

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