Monday, May 18, 2009

Moist Weekend

Wow, we must have had a pretty busy weekend because it is already Monday and I don't know where the time has gone! I ended up having to skip out on hanging out at the Atomic AR to help finish up a proposal at work, so Saturday morning just consisted of a road ride with Chris. We only got rained on for the first hour so it wasn't too bad - but considering it didn't rain the rest of the day we were slightly grumpy about starting early.

Sunday started way too early as we had to head to Red Top Mtn State Park at 6 am to set up for our Orienteering Meet. I used our Chariot kid-carrier to haul around all the e-punch stands, controls and jugs of water and got some strange looks from those who passed by, but it was effective and better than carrying everything by hand. I can already tell that dragging that trailer around North Georgia on my singlespeed is going to either kill me or make me seriously strong!

The rain didn't pick up until about 1 pm, so our turnout was good. At that point I was wet and pretty cold all afternoon, so I felt the need to indulge in some not-so-healty food on the way to our birthing class later that evening. MMmmm...fried mushrooms and fries from Zaxbys followed by Dairy Queen. Probably not the most nutritious dinner choice, but I just wanted some calories! I promise to eat some spinach and broccoli for the mini-me today!

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