Friday, June 26, 2009

There's no place like home...

Wow, what a tiring trip and I didn't even do all that much other than eat and sit in a chair all day. I think that was part of the problem! Traveling while obviously round and pregnant was interesting. I got jokingly harassed by the flight attendants "You're not going to have that baby on the plane are you??" and an older lady asked if I needed help getting off the airport shuttle bus. DO I NEED HELP??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Do I look weak and frail? I've specifically been doing upper body weights so as to NOT look weak and frail.

Anyways, just getting home was quite an ordeal. After paying $50 to change to an earlier flight, we had the pleasure of sitting on the runway for 45 minutes due to isolated thunderstorms. Mind you this was the first rain Houston had seen in the past 30 days...lucky me I guess.

Once we finally arrive back in Atlanta, I go to hop on the train back from the D Terminal and find it was out of service. So not only do I have to lug my uncomfortable luggage around (gotta get one of those rolly-suitcases with wheels instead of my shoulder duffels), but I have to fight my way through a thousand slow moving people as we all try to make a mass exodus out of the airport. Every time the corridor narrowed, there was a HUGE bottleneck and we'd have to stand around and wait. It reminded me of TransRockies day 2 last year...except this time I was much more impatient. Whenever I saw an opening, I'd go charging through as fast as I could, luggage and belly flailing...I'm sure it was quite comical.

I finally made my way out of the airport (after 45 minutes) and get on the parking shuttle, which was jam packed and of course, as luck would have it, I was one of the last people dropped off. At least my car was still there...

So I'm FINALLY on the highway and I find that 285 is just full of idiots driving 65 mph in pretty much all lanes. By now I'm seriously cranky and ready to put all these pokey drivers into the wall. Argh! Get the hell out of my way!!!!! Raging hormones coming through! I call Chris to complain and he tells me to be careful and relax...ok..trying to relax.

FINALLY get home, and find that the upstairs AC unit crapped out that day. So much for a good nights sleep in my own bed! The world is seriously conspiring against me. I had a restless nights sleep, so I'm hoping today will be better.

I'm looking forward to a MTB ride with Chris tomorrow to cleanse my soul of all this crankiness.

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