Thursday, November 19, 2009

On the mend?

So I finally went to the doctor yesterday and got some antibiotics. I SEEM to be feeling better, however, it is Thursday and this is usually the day where I come down with some new, miserable we shall see.

Apparently with the forecasted rain this weekend, the Barnsley Gardens cross course went from "tight and technical" to a mixture of pea gravel and pavement...yuck! Sounds like a suffer fest to me or perhaps a recipe for some road rash - both of which I am not looking forward to. The thought of resting up all weekend to go ride 45 minutes on pea gravel is fairly unappealing to me, so I think I might just head up to do the Chili Dawg ride on Saturday (in the rain...yay!) and show up at the cross race with whatever I have left in my legs and collect my series points. It would be nice to win the series, but at the same time, its a real hassle to HAVE to show up when you're feeling crappy or have a better alternative. Grumble Grumble...

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