Thursday, February 4, 2010


So I'm sitting out Snake Creek Gap (again) this weekend, as my coach advised me to just do easy rides since I am recovering from illness. I am a little bummed, but at the same time, it is supposed to rain today and tomorrow and sections of the course will probably be pretty nasty. Saturday weather isn't supposed to be great, so I doubt that many uber-fast times will be posted. I'll have to make the call at the last one, based on the times posted so far if I want to show up. It would $130 for a single race, but the 5th place payout in the women's open is $130...I'd hope I can at least get that...depends if a bunch of pros show up at the last race.

This past weekend, Jayden and I did the yellow course at a GAOC meet and she won! Granted I did all the walking and map reading, but still... She made it about 20 minutes this time before conking out. Unfortunately, mom likes to run the yellow course (can be done mostly on trail) like a red course (minimal trail) and Jay got to do some bushwhacking and we slid down a hill on some leaves. What fun! I'm hoping for warm weather soon so she can sit in the bjorn facing outward and I won't have to wear such a heavy coat to keep her warm.

I'm looking forward to the spring and warmer temps. Once we have a dry, warm weekend, I'm going to head up to Mulberry Gap for a mini training camp. We won some free stays from our NGAR win, so you can bet I'll be there.


Carey said...

Let me know when u head to Mulberry Gap. If it works out with my schedule, would love to join u.

Julia Radmann said...

Kevin didn't sucker you into doing Sandman? ;) I know you don't mind mud, cold, and wet, but just be glad you sat out Snake.

Lisa said...

He tried to sucker either Chris or I but we graciously declined. Probably for the best that it was cold and otherwise undesirable, as I'm not supposed to push myself real hard right away.