Sunday, March 7, 2010

Recovery "Ride"

Nothing on the training menu today other than recovery. I didn't even have to get on the bike but it was so nice, I couldn't resist taking Jayden to Red Top Mtn State Park. We hit the "mtn bike" trail, which is really nothing more than a gravel road. It was Jayden's second ride, and her first off-road ride.

She started making some noise half way thru, so I stopped to check out the situation. This is what I found..

Oh wait, mom, I really meant to say this...mountain biking is so AWESOME!

Here we have Sex on Wheels and Jayden on Wheels...nothing better than a happy baby out in the woods!

We stopped at a beachy section along the lake and Jay would have loved to just roll around in the sandy dirt ! (If mom would let her)

Jayden even had some dirt on her face by the time we were done, so I knew my job was done. I can't wait until she's older when she can say "faster mommy, faster!".


Rudy said...

Oh boy, what a great picture. You could go all day with that smiling face to encourage you.

Carey said...

She is beautiful!