Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

To Celebrate Father's Day, we took Chris and his Dad to the beach!

After some initial distrust in that grainy stuff called sand, Jayden relaxed a bit and was just kickin' it with daddy..soon she had sand EVERYWHERE!

Here I think they are both pondering their plan to take over the world..

Playing in the water when the waves come in!

Hanging out with "Opa" - that's Grandpa for you non-German folks.

Jayden is such a water girl and just loves to try to swim! I think she thinks that she doesn't need us to stay afloat. She holds her breath and doesn't mind going under water - much better than me at that age! I did learn that trying to keep sand off your towel is a futile endeavor when you have a little one flinging it everywhere!

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