Friday, August 20, 2010

Trans-North Georgia on my Mind

So I've been pondering the TNGA race for a while now, but after buying a new pack and borrowing a SPOT unit, I am coming to terms with the reality of the situation...I might actually have to ride my bike for three+ days straight...ugh. My good sense tells me that I have done little to no physical preparation for this endeavor, though my dumb sense seems to think it will all work out in the end. I'm going in with my longest ride being the Fools Gold 50 this weekend, and I have a pocket full of DNF's at longer events this year, which makes me think I'm in way over my head.

I seem to think that because I was pretty damn strong at the North Georgia Adventure Race, 4 months after popping out a kid and being pregnant for the previous 9 months, that I'm immune to all the problems that affect mere mortals...hunger, fatigue, cramps, bonking, falling asleep while riding, etc. The more I think about it though, I was in pretty damn good shape last year and actually logged more training hours on the bike while toting around a 16 lb basketball than I have this year. I also did a lot of moderate pace base miles, which I have done very little of this year, and it shows. I have been doing well at short events and am running faster than ever, but the wheels seem to come off quickly during the longer stuff. Meh.

My plan for this weekend is to just chill and finish the race. I have pre-ridden the entire course and know I did it in a respectably fast time, and that was without being in the "race on" mindset. I'm riding my singlespeed since I think it will keep me reeled in so I only waste energy going fast up hills, which gives me the biggest bang for my lactic acid producing buck. I'm going in with the "don't give a damn" attitude and perhaps that will work out in my favor. I also outfitted my bike with a mountain feed bag and have frozen bottles ready to go to keep my core temp down, so I don't have a ORAMM repeat. In addition, I will be writing "EAT your fu#king food!!" on my left arm as a constant reminder to consume calories.

Anyways, back to TNGA...while I do have some challenges to overcome, I am in good shape in several other areas - mainly with the acutal route navigation and the ability to suffer over a long period of time. As long as I ride at "Lisa Pace" I know I won't self least initially. Also, I know that even if I ride like total shit in TNGA, that if I just finish, I will still likely be in the top 5...and TNGA is really more about personal growth and character building than worrying about placing.

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