Friday, November 23, 2007

Climbing Trip

We decided to leave the bikes in the garage today and instead head out to Sandrock, AL for some rock climbing. About 10 years ago I was fairly passionate about climbing until I got into mountain bike racing. Once I started racing, climbing was put on hold indefinitely as my bike racing training didn't leave much time to hit the crags. Since then, I can probably count the number of times I've been out climbing on one hand. Despite being way out of climbing shape, we had a good time. My only complaint is that my fingers are pretty sore right now from a combination of rock abrasion and dessication from my climbing chalk.

Chris on Misty...5.10A/B? He just danced right up this. I, on the other hand, had the pleasure of my fingers going numb from the cold rock and was not able to feel anything I was grabbing onto for the second half of the climb. It was somewhat disconcerting and apparently I was grunting a lot too. I'll blame that on it being the first climb of the day.

Scoping out the way on a juggy 5.9 route. This climb was pretty fun, mostly big holds with a couple of slopers thrown in.

Further up on the same route.

Julia works the same route.

Chris on a 5.10D. This climb had some crimpy moves and dicey footwork about half way up that I struggled with. The pebbly rock was somewhat painful too on my unconditioned fingers so I didn't feel terribly motivated to keep working this one.

Although it was a bit chilly at times, we had a good day of climbing and I'd like to think I'll do it again in less than another 10 years. Tomorrow is back to business as, run, weights, swim, and more bike!

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