Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Care Package from DeFeet

Hooray! I just received a package of goodies from DeFeet. I'll be trying out these new Merino Wool Blaze socks tomorrow on my ride and I'll try the white Cloud 9 socks on my run on Thursday. DeFeet was good enough to hook me up with a variety of socks and accessories for the 2008 season. I can't wait for the wool knee warmers to arrive as I love the wool arm warmers that they sent.

I also tested out my new Polar Heart F11 Rate Monitor. It seemed to work well, as I've been having some issues with my 625x even after sending it back to Polar for maintenance.

Tomorrow I'm working from home so I am going to try to get a decent ride in before it gets dark since it is supposed to rain on Thursday. I haven't had to clean my bike in the past 2 months and I certainly don't want to start now : )

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