Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Busy Again!

After a lull at work, it now seems that I have too much to do..at least momentarily. I have to complete a quality control audit on my department this week, so that is eating up a lot of my time. Sounds exciting, eh? Yup, I'D RATHER BE MOUNTAIN BIKING...

I had a good fast run on the treadmill this morning, so I feel like I'm ready for the upcoming Navigator Cup in terms of my running. The problem is that presently there are no other competitors in my category! I'd hate to think I did all this running just to compete against myself! Usually the Womens Red Course (that's the elite course in the orienteering world) has a good number of entires, but this year...nada. Perhaps all my competitors are frightened of my new go-fast spiked orienteering shoes that Chris got me for Christmas. Hopefully I can put the smack down with those babies, and if not, at least they'll keep me from busting azz on the red clay. I may have to move to the men's division if they'll let me. Not a big deal, and certainly nothing new for me.

We've decided to camp out at Bear Creek this weekend so I'm looking forward to that as well. Any time I get to use my zero degree sleeping bag I get excited because it's so warm and poofy and well, I like being surrounded by poof. I think I'd live in a house made of down if it was possible.


Lorna said...

Well, I was going to sign up for Red, not that it offers you any true competition, but now that I heard about the shoes forget it! :-)

Lisa said...

Ha ha, Chris says I should move up to Blue and race against the guys...sounds too painful for me!