Friday, February 15, 2008

And on went the lightbulb...

As many know, I have been having an ongoing love-hate relationship with swimming.  I've made tremendous improvements from where I used to be, even survived a triathlon without drowning, but like any uber-competitive athlete, I'm not happy unless I'm one of the first out the water and thus my frustration with my apparent inadequacies as a swimmer.  I'm frustrated when I'm at the pool and get lapped by an 8 year old swim team kid, or even worse, by some enormously large chick who is likely in the pool because its easier for her to get around by floating.    Arghhhh!!!  Well, anyways, as luck would have it, just when I'm about to throw in the towel and give in to my frustrations, I have a breakthrough workout that gives me some teeny tiny ray of hope that it might not always be this bad.  Today I figured out one of the major reasons for my lack of speed, despite working pretty hard.  It all had to do with me not dropping my elbow.  I knew this all along, but wasn't able to make the connection and thus make the correct movement under water, which resulted in a lack of forward propulsion.  I think I finally figured it out and it was like a lightbulb went on or I figured out how to ride a bike without training wheels for the first time.   So now I feel obligated to get back into the pool and see if I can actually become a respectable swimmer.  I've been slacking off lately, mostly due to lack of motivation, but now I guess I have renewed hope.   We shall see...

I'm typing this from my new MacBook Air Laptop...its the super thin laptop with the commercial where they pull it out of a mailing envelope while playing some catchy-yet-never-heard-before song in the background.  It's pretty cool, very sleek, and now I don't have to fight over the other laptop with Chris.  

Tomorrow we're doing some course vetting for one of the local AR's and I'll likely head out on the singlespeed for a couple of hours.  

The Blankets Creek Duathlon should fill up this weekend, which is AWESOME!  Not only from a fundraising perspective, but because it makes the logistics of race planning so much easier.  I can get everything done earlier than planned, which will give me more time to stress over all the little things once we get closer to the race.

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