Friday, February 29, 2008

Outta Here!

That's right, we're heading to Chicago for a few days to visit family. Unfortunately its windy and cold there, but at least I'll have a good recovery week leading up to the CheckpointZero Adventure Race. Now we're frantically cleaning and packing - coming back the day before a big AR complicates things as it forces me to be mostly ready to go now, as I won't have time to pack gear later. We're having a friend house sit so the cats won't burn the place down while we're gone.

Race shirts came in today and the colors look great! I dropped them at the printers so shirt production is ahead of schedule..

Race Stats:
  • 215 Racers
  • 24 Volunteers
  • 20 Sponsors
  • $14,000 in swag and prizes
  • $11,000 raised from entry fees and sponsorship.
Now I'm starting to get nervous as it really appears that this event is going to happen!

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