Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Crap I say!

That's exactly what the weather is....C-R-A-P crap..crappity craptacular...I worked out my work schedule so that I have Wednesdays off for the next 6 months to train for the TransRockies. So far the weather gods are giving me the big middle finger, as it seems to be 60+ degrees and sunny when I'm at work, and 30 degrees when I have a chance to get out and do a decently long ride. Today was no exception..nice and sunny but what's that white powdery stuff...sigh. From inside my office it looked to be beautiful, but when I stepped outside it was like having little ice daggers driven into my face. I normally am good at putting up with lousy weather, but today was just COLD. I'm not sure why we felt so cold, as I'm pretty sure it was colder at Pine Log two weeks ago. We rode laps up Pine Mtn to get some climbing in and then attempted to ride on some roads but it was windy, exposed and fairly miserable. We were only able to suffer through two hours of riding and then we went for a trail run, which was a lot more tolerable.

To further my frustration, when I arrived home, I discovered glops of road tar all over my bike. How did I discover this you ask? Well, when I picked the damn thing up by the seatpost to take it off my rack, my hand got slathered with sticky black goo. It was all over my saddle too, so my shorts were covered in it as well as the back seat of my car. I'm sure its hiding in places I haven't found yet so that should be fun....

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