Saturday, February 2, 2008

Snake Creek Gap #2

Had a nice ride at the Snake Creek Gap Time Trial, albeit a bit muddy. I tried a different nutritional strategy today...I substituted Coke for Accelerade and a Snickers bar for an Ensure. I ended up feeling much better and seemed more mentally with it. The first half was fairly muddy in spots, but in general, I feel like I rode better. I didn't have any guys on my wheel on the descents this time..actually I dropped some of them, and I didn't cause any pile ups. I put some new Specialized Storm 1.7's on last night and they worked like a charm on the sloppy sections as well as the rocks. (Haven't got my Maxxis tires yet) I ended up 5 minutes slower at the half way point (I'm blaming it on the conditions) but was slightly faster this time by the finish. I also wasn't staving off death by the time I reached the towers like I was last time. Given some drier conditions and just a bit more intensity in the legs, I'm shooting for 4 hours or less in March. While it would be great to get under 4 hours, it will still put me out of the money in the women's genetic freak class, but its all TransRockies Training and you gotta start somewhere. My TR partner, Carey, had another good ride. I'll have to figure out some way to slow her down between now and the big race...maybe she can carry my though she's pretty amazing.


Namrita O'Dea said...

LOL at the womens genetic freak class...I have definitely raced in that class before!!

Yes, you have yourself a great teammate for girls will ROCK!

Carey Lowery said...

I have to stay ahead now, as I know your strength on the bike will increase exponentially and mine will only increase linearly. I will blame it on age and my kids(yea, i am counting my husband as one).