Sunday, February 3, 2008

Orienteering at West Palisades

The temps topped 60 degrees today, and with my legs already a bit tired from yesterday, I figured I'd just tag along with Chris to the O-meet. It ended up being a nice run in the woods, and I put in a pretty respectable time on the Green Course of 42 minutes. I tried a new approach which involved slowing down, looking at the compass and map more often, and going in the right general direction. It seemed to work well, as my energy expenditure was much less and I never overran any of the points. Unfortunately Chris was able to one-up me and cleared the course in 41 minutes. Poop.

February is a pretty slow month competition-wise, but it is a big bike training month as I've got some pretty long rides planned. A couple of multi-day rides too, so it should be interesting. My Most Horrible Thing Ever teamate, Neal, is still having problems with his hand, so not sure if he's going to be able to handle Pisgah. I might be able to talk him into doing a good bit of the Trans-Georgia route instead...I'll do this by just placing a beer at 10 mile increments along the side of the road. It will help keep him motivated so that he'll forget all about that hand!

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