Saturday, March 22, 2008

Blankets Duathlon..a Success..

Well after six months of planning, we finally arrived at the day of the Blankets Creek Dirty Duathlon. I was worried that when all the cars started showing up to registration this morning that THIS RACE WAS REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN. Thanks to all my great volunteers, everything went very well and from the feedback I've received so far, the racers seemed to really enjoy the event. So maybe it was worth all the work...

Two people were instrumental in pulling this event off...First my mom, who flew 700 miles from Chicago to stuff swag bags for 8 hours, stand in the sun for 7 hours setting up the transition area, then get up at 4 am the next morning to stand outside and freeze, lug around boxes, cut a gazillion oranges, all for just a stinkin' T-Shirt. She said she would have rather done support at an adventure race in the middle of winter...

Then there was my husband Chris, who got the T-shirt layout together when I was frustrated and ready to toss the laptop out a window, set up the entire transition area, including getting massive blisters on his hands from driving stakes into the parking lot, lugged around a bunch of crap, also got up at 4 am to freeze, made countless trips to pick up bike racks and prizes. Now he got two T-Shirts out of the deal, but its still a pretty bum deal!

I love you guys and couldn't have done it without thanks! (And I know where you both live should this happen again next year)

All members of the Randall House are thoroughly worn out and lounging around. We are going out tonight for a celebratory "Thank goodness it's finally over" dinner. Hoo ya!

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