Sunday, March 23, 2008


With the race finally behind me, its time to get back on the training wagon and concentrate on my riding. I've had so many work, health, family, and volunteer issues going on lately, my training has been fairly sporadic. I definitely haven't gotten in the bike time that I had hoped to by this time. No time like the present though, so time to get back on it. The only good thing is that I might actually be able to peak for August, since I'm getting a later start.

Today I headed out to Pine Log with Kim for some much needed rejuvenation. I was still a bit tired from all the race activities over the last few days, but it was great to get in a good techy fix.

Got Leaves?

Quite possibly the world's most perfect ledgy rock garden.

The ride was was exactly what I needed to get motivated again. This Wednesday I'm hoping to do the Cohutta Death March, or at least part of it.


Carey Lowery said...

Pine log looks like my kind of trail. Rock, rocks, and more rocks.

Lisa said...

Yeah, its like a non-maintained Pinhoti trail...except with some scarier stuff. There's one steep ATV trail that I always chicken out on because it gets so steep towards the bottom. Its definitely a place to run Stans as there's always places where trees fall and you have to go "off-trail" through thorns or whatever if you don't want to get off your bike.

Namrita O'Dea said...

we should do another girls ride...this time at pine log!