Sunday, March 16, 2008

Yay, finally feeling better!

After a week of feeling like total crap, I'm FINALLY starting to get back to normal. I ended up riding up in the Bear Creek/Pinhoti area today with Danielle, Namrita, Carey, and Eddie. Just to make sure I was good and tired when they all arrived, I got an early start and rode for about two hours before meeting them (Ok, it was really to make sure I wasn't going to completely self destruct again). Thankfully everyone had some sort of issue going on, be it illness, tired, or aches and pains, so the pace was pretty mellow. I tried to keep my HR relatively low (max for the ride was 171), so as not to do too much too soon. I wanted to get some zone 3 time in rather than blow myself out in the first hour. Once I was over the four hour mark, I bid farewell to my riding companions and headed back to the car. I was starting to feel a bit tired, so I finished up with an hour of really easy spinning back up the Bear Creek trail to the Pinhoti Connector, and then back down the side of Bear Creek that we didn't ride..I love that downhill! I scared the crap out of some hikers as I went spashing through the final creek. I don't think they expected me to ride across, as they just stood there at the exit looking at me and essentially blocking my path. Grrrr....

Hopefully I'll be able to sneak some ride time in this week in between running errands and getting things ready for the Dirty Du. Unfortunately it will probably be a'la Blankets Creek or the road (gasp!) as I definitely won't have time to drive anywhere. Either way, I have to start building myself back up now that I'm finally recovering from CPZ. My mom arrives Tuesday to help with the race..maybe I'll just put her in charge so I can go ride!

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