Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Meet Banshee

Isn't she (I think..) cute? She needs a home!

Kim and I went for a road ride up at White today, and found this little cutie on the side of a busy road crying. I didn't hear it crying, but Kim did and went back to see where it was coming from. Sure enough, she came running up to us, crying her little head off. Knowing that we didn't want to leave her to be hit by a car or eaten by a scavenging bird, we tried to figure out a way to get her back to our cars, which were conveniently parked 25 miles away.

Kim tucked her in the front of her jersey and we rode about a mile to a store, where I was hoping to find some compassionate country folk who'd hang onto her for a couple of hours until we returned with a vehicle. When we got there, there was a foreign family working and there was some communication breakdown, so I couldn't really get my point across. So our next plan of attack was to continue on the ride and stop at the first non-sketchy looking house and ask them if they'd watch her, or at least let her stay in their garage for a bit. We stopped at a couple places, but no one seemed to be home. At that point, Banshee had stopped squirming enough for Kim to ride with both hands on the handlebars, so we just kept going. She rode for 20+ miles with her tucked in her jersey. Every so often, Banshee would peek her little head out the top, but then get freaked out at what was going on, then go back in the jersey to hide. It was getting hot, so we had to stop often to let her cool off. We arrived back at the park in White, where I stayed with Banshee while Kim rode the last 4 miles to the cars. (It gave me a good excuse to avoid the nasty rollers at the end of the ride)

Once in the car, little Banshee was all OVER the place. She likes to explore and climb, and doesn't seem to be afraid of fact she was climbing all over Chris when he came home. Definitely friendly and loving. We are in the process of trying to find a no-kill shelter or adoption agency for her, so if you are interested in providing a forever home for this sweetie, please let me know. I already have 3 cats and that is one too many.

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