Sunday, May 4, 2008

Running Around in the Poison Ivy

Today I headed out to Blankets early this morning to get in a quick ride before we headed to an orienteering meet. Physically I'm doing pretty good it seems, and have been feeling good doing moderate rides on the singlespeed. I've also been enjoying getting huge at the gym.

The O-meet was definitely not one of my started with me taking 30 minutes to find the first point because I mismatched a park trail map up with my orienteering map and ended up wallowing around in waist deep poison ivy in the wrong location with very similar features. Once I realized my mistake I was kicking myself as the point wasn't that hard. I pulled it together and ran the next few points pretty well, until I had some difficulty finding a point that was down in a pit. I walked by it a couple of times and again wanted to kick myself again when I finally caught a glimpse of it. Then I was back to doing tolerably well, except for a couple more points that were out of sight from the direction I was coming, so I ran around in circles doing my WTF' should be here..until finally catching a glimpse of the points. The most frustrating one was near the end...a rootstock/log pile that I walked by 5 times thinking..ok, that's the only rootstock around, but I don't see the point. I eventually found it tucked behind the back of the log pile (yeah, I'm calling that one hidden), but only AFTER reattacking 4 more times. Ugh... By this point I was wishing I could conveniently lose my punchcard, but unfortunately it was E-Punch today.

The good news is that I felt decent physically and didn't seem to have any breathing issues under exertion. I hope the Advair is doing the trick. Chris had a pretty good run, even with a couple of missteps. The bad news is that all our clothing needs to be incinerated as it is covered in poison ivy.


Lorna said...

uh yeah, you're getting 'huge'. First thing that crossed my mind when I saw you.
Congrats on the new job.

wvickers said...

Hey Lisa,
did they have you take any oral steroids (prednisone or similar) for your EID/asthma after cpo?
Just wondering, it would at least help ya kick it in the butt next time.

Bill Vickers

Lisa said...

Unfortunately, I'm stubborn and didn't go see a doc after CPZ...I just figured it would work itself out. Grr...