Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Take Cover! (and sometimes it pays to be lazy)

What's that weird white stuff on the back deck??? Nope, not snow, but FREAKING HAIL...AARRRGGH! We just got pounded by a massive thunderstorm that had me rounding up the cats and taking cover in the basement.

I was actually about to head out on my evening ride, and decided to check the weather radar. (It WAS bright and sunny but I'm a pessimist..) Once I pulled up my zip code on weather.com, I see in BIG RED LETTERS - TORNADO WARNING for Cherokee County. I turned on the TV and sure enough there was a massive storm coming right at us/me. They were saying to take cover if you were in Canton and Holly Springs and well, that's me so I called Chris (to tell him the roof might not be on the house later tonight) and took cover in the basement with the animals. I brought my laptop downstairs to keep an eye on the storm, but then the power goes out, along with the cable modem...So all I could do was sit and listen to the house getting pounded with an onslaught of wind and hail. It eventually subsided, so I went back upstairs only to be greeted with the worst of it. A massive downpour of hail and wind gusts was hurling tree branches everywhere. My poor car was being hammered with sticks and hail in the driveway and our garage was way too full of crap to get it moved inside quickly.

More weird white stuff..this was after Round One of the storm. Forgive me FX...

Thankfully, I was lazy today and didn't head out to the trail right away when I got home, or I would have been stuck over at Blankets in this $hit while the tornado sirens were all going off. I've never actually been caught in a hail storm on my bike, and personally, I'd like to keep it that way. Chris is still stuck at the office, as more storms keep popping up and he doesn't want to drive into one.

Oh great, the National Weather Service has now issued a tornado warning for Cobb County...I guess I'm not going to get much accomplished tonight.

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