Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What have I done??

So with the impending drop in fitness, agility, and mental acuity that comes with turning 30 (or was it 25??), I decided to sign up for the Greenway Challenge, which is a two-hour-sprint-until-you-puke-your-guts-out sufferfest. Why did I sign up? Who knows what I was thinking...perhaps it was the fact that it's on my birthday and racing is my way of giving the big middle finger to turning 30. I'm definitely not in multisport sprint shape, considering I haven't paddled since the whopping 15 minutes we paddled at the Blue Ridge AR. My running is in similarly poor shape, with my run "workouts" consisting of ten minutes on the treadmill before lifting weights. And the biking..all on a cart path. Navigation?? Nope, none of that either.. I'm doomed.....

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