Tuesday, June 3, 2008

5k Training

After not feeling so great on the run at the Greenway Challenge, I figured its time to add some running back into my training...after all, it IS the easiest thing to do - you can even do it in a monsoon and the gear clean up is minimal.

I have a Business Conference coming up and we have a cheezy little 5K race on one of the days. Last year I was third overall with a time of 20:43. Not many of my business colleagues knew that I was competitive or athletic, so now I have a reputation and I know one guy in particular (who I nipped at the line last year) will be gunning for me. So my goal this year is under 20 minutes. I did 20:40 last night on a practice run, so hopefully I can get there before mid July. That would be a real accomplishment for me, as although I can run long distances, I've never thought of myself as a fast runner.

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