Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Cost of Training

Since we're all griping about the cost of driving these days, lets see how much it costs to drive to some of my favorite places. These are round trip costs from my house near Sixes Rd..(add an additional $5 if you live on the Perimeter)

Pine Log - $8
Paddling on Allatoona - $3
Bear Creek/Pinhoti - $24
Bull Mtn - $22
Tanasi/Brush Creek - $32
Tsali - $48

Places I HAVE to go..

Chiropractor - $4
Most of my other doctors - $4
Cat-only Specialty Vet - $8
Office - $12 (but at least I MAKE money while I'm there...)

Seems I spend a lot more on training than anything else. Kind of makes you wonder...Do I REALLY have to ride Bear Creek??? I can ride Blankets for FREE... Is it really worth that much more? Sadly the answer is usually yes...

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Julia Radmann said...

I hear you! That's why I usually get stuck training at Sope Creek. But with riding to work, then to the trail, on the trail, and all the back home, at least I am getting some good miles in. :)