Sunday, June 15, 2008

OutSpokin'/Swiftwick Takes the Overall Win at Siege on Fort Yargo!

Smaller Muscles, Bigger Brains...

Myself, Julia, and Kim won the 2008 Siege on Fort Yargo Sprint AR. With quite a few strong teams out on the course, we had to move fast and run a clean race to stay at the front of the pack. Julia carried fins to wear on the opening swim and put us into an early lead that we maintained for the entire race. A full race report can be found on the TrailBlazer forum.

We were the only team to obtain all mandatory and optional checkpoints before the cutoff.

I've included just a few photos below, for a complete set of race photos, check out my Picasa Album.

Checking out the maps and instructions pre-race. Notice how my teammates appear to actually be interested in the map!!! That's such a good thing! Three brains are better than one. And check out those socks!

On the opening run section..Julia was in the water passing people on the swim while Kim and I had to do a short run. They hid one of the points in some briars...grrr.

Row, Row, Row your boat, quickly down the lake,
Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, the win we're here to take!

I guess this was a "special test"...a canoe portage at the end of the race. Better than having to get dirty in the mud pit, and when they said no portage wheels allowed, we figured we'd have to do this somewhere.

A big thanks to Swiftwick for providing us with an assortment of socks to keep our feet dry and happy. Even with sticks in our shoes and major sogginess after the lake swim, our feet were happy and unblistered at the end of the race. I wore the Merino Wool variety...very nice!

Some memorable conversations/things I heard on course:

(On the Opening Run)"Damn, I've been chicked in the first 50 meters!"

(On the Bike) "What place are you guys in?"
"First...we're leading the race"
"Well we're rooting for you, but I wouldn't put money on you"
"Uh..I'd put money on us"

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