Wednesday, June 25, 2008

TransRockies Training Camp #2 - New Location

After careful consideration from all parties involved, we've decided to move the TransRockies Training Camp #2 to the Greenhill's Cabin on 4th of July weekend. Although I'd love to camp and be hot and sweaty in a tent and have to bathe in the river, I guess I can suffer through a comfortable bed, air conditioning, and a fridge stocked with frosty beverages. (Actually, its looking like I might have to work a bit over that weekend - big proposal due soon, so the prospect of having internet access is what REALLY sold me.)

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Carey Lowery said...

Wish I could be there training along side my TR partner, but I must undertake the "Redneck Family Vacation." I will be bloggin' 'bout it in a short piece!