Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Life is Good, Part 2

Ahh..I got my techy fix in today with a ride up at Pine Log. We parked about 8 miles away at a boat ramp on Allatoona (so we could paddle later), which gave us a nice pavement warm up before hitting the dirt. We ended up doing a fairly short loop at Pine Log, seeing as last time I took Neal there he broke his hand. We also had a Pine Log virgin with us, Shannon, so I wasn't sure if she'd enjoy it or be cursing me after the ride.

We rode up probably 2/3 of the way to the tower, then looped back around to where the pig heads on posts used to be, and hit the main gravel road. We then climbed a little more on the gravel so we (I) could bomb this rocky, rutted, leaf and stick covered descent that just puts a big smile on my face. Its like a carnival ride! Everyone made it down eventually and thankfully I didn't break anyone this time.

We headed back to the cars and then cooled off in the lake before hopping in our boats for a paddle. Neal and I paddled my CLC 21' tandem, so it was really cruisy. Kim paddled a solo boat, similar to a wavehopper, and nearly got BACKED over by a pontoon boat. Might I mention it was THE ONLY boat we saw on the water. We even got a dose of humor when some Richie-Rich teenagers driving an Escalade with rims that cost more than my bike, got a ticket for not buying a $3 parking pass. Dumbazzes...

We followed the workout with some yummy Mexican food and then it was off to work. My commute was HORRIBLE today - I stepped on a cat toy walking down the stairs. I'm diggin' working from home.

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Neal said...

Hey....but I wasn't last!, I beat somebody...thanks Kim! :)

Thanks again...I love our new job schedule too!