Sunday, July 13, 2008

Night Nav...I'm tired

Chris and I put together a Night Nav/Swim-O at Blankets to help folks prepare for the upcoming Goldrush Adventure Race. We spent the day out in our canoe hanging up bags and setting up the cave and submerged checkpoints. Chris initially went in the cave but curiosity got the best of me and I had to go in. The only thing was the entrance was pretty small and muddy and apparently there were 3" Indiana Jones style crickets all over the ceiling. I didn't look up so I don't know...Once in there it was fairly roomy and you could stand up and it went back a little ways. It was definitely in rock, but it looked as though it had been drilled out - perhaps a remnant from the Goldmining days.

We got a good turnout - almost 40 people and they seemed to have a good time. We went out in the canoe to watch the antics and saw people attacking some of the CPs by the path of most resistance. Watching all the people swimming back and fourth across the lake was equally entertaining. The few boats that were out thought they were going to be abducted as strange blue lights bobed up and down and came towards them. This was mainly due to a fishing boat parking about 30' away to our submerged CP. No you aren't THAT drunk..there really are 20 people with lights circling your boat...

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