Sunday, July 13, 2008


After going to bed at 3 am after the night nav, Neal and I headed up to Dahlonega today to ride the Fools Gold 50 route. No more than 5 minutes from the car, the thunderstorm rolled in and the rain and lightening started. I wasn't sure how long the ride would last, so I put forth a bit of effort on the climbs. The downhills sucked - I could basically not wear glasses and get tons of crap in my contacts, or wear them and have them fog up in less than a minute. Rain-X here I come..

After descending Winding Stair Gap, I told Neal I'd be more than willing to just head home and go for a run later. Right as I said that, it started raining harder - really hard actually - and the group decision was to bail on the ride and just ride back to the cars. We only rode two hours but that was enough to justify a trip to Moe's for some post ride recovery food.

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