Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ridin', Runnin' and Swimmin'

Whew! I'm done with my day's training - although I'd hardly call it that, as I was just having too much fun. The morning was a ride on all the trails at Blankets on my Scott hardtail to see how my new setup feels. We lowered the stem, flipped it over, and moved the seat forward. It felt much better than before, so I'm definitely using it for Goldrush - way more efficient than the Turner on any road sections.

Workout two was a swim/run/hike along Lake Allatoona where I'm happy to say I didn't step on any yellowjacket nests, get bitten by any water snakes or lose my shoes in the mud. The swimming was quite refreshing and I had Neal to go first into any snakey, swampy looking waters. Thankfully we didn't have any wildlife encounters. I think I'm broken in for Goldrush and I'm really excited to be racing with my teammates Bo and Neal. We've never raced in this combination before, but I think it will be a good one.

Now its time to pack up the car for our trip tomorrow, but not before I eat some ice cream!

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