Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wednesday EARLY Road Ride

Got up early this morning and met Neal for a fairly fast paced spin up at White. My goal was just to average 18-19 mph over a 45 mile route that I do up there, which should have put us a bit faster than tempo pace. Kim bailed out last night, so that meant we'd have to do even MORE work to keep the pace up, since it was now just the two of us. We were cruising well for the first half of the ride and averaged 20.5 mph up to that point. Surprisingly enough, my legs felt pretty good. Then we started heading back in, but a strong headwind slowed us down considerably. Neal was determined to keep the pace above 20 but the headwind wouldn't allow it. (He tried REALLY hard though..) I think I demoralized him when I told him we still had 5-6 more miles to go at the end of the ride, as he was thinking the ENTIRE ride was 45 miles, including the 8 miles to and from the Pine Log Parking lot. (But that really didn't was warm up and cool down) So we ended the ride with an average of 19.5. Neal was very well behaved today - no sprint-till-you-puke hill attacks, just a good steady pace.

After the ride we did a 2 hour hike near Stamp Creek. At one point we had to choose between walking through a briar field, stinging nettle woods, or the creekbed, so we hiked in the creek for a bit. I was pretty pleased with my Swiftwick socks..the tighter weave kept all the sand and silt from going through my sock and getting between my toes. Hard to believe a sock originally designed for cycling could be so functional for trekking.

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