Sunday, July 6, 2008

Training Camp - Day 3

Almost overslept today and didn't wake up till 8 am. We were supposed to meet Kim at 9 and it was a 20 minute ride to get to her and it just didn't seem like that was going to happen. So we called her and told her to ride up the mountain and meet us so she didn't have to stand around. The ride was relatively "short" - just over four hours and not terribly hilly. No big climbs but a lot of rollers. By the end I was pretty spent and spent 10 minutes spraying myself down with the hose. Now we're all out on the back deck relaxing. I'm glad tomorrow is a recovery day!

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Neal said...

Hey Lisa,

Thanks for a fun weekend!

Sorry for whimping out yesterday... I wish I felt up to riding the second half with you but legs and stomach weren't keen :(

Good riding got legs girl!