Monday, October 13, 2008

Apples and Pinhoti

Saturday began with a trip up to Ellijay for the Apple Festival. The Apple festival is basically a big craft fair, complete with Funnel Cakes and other assorted unhealthy fair food. I was hoping to pick up some Christmas presents for my family, but instead just found a couple of things for myself, including some FUDGE...mmmm!

Of course there was no way I was driving up to Ellijay without my bike, so I convinced Chris that we NEEDED to hit Pinhoti and Bear Creek. We headed up Pinhoti 1 and 2 and I did my best to TRY to keep up with Chris on the descents until I realized that I probably shouldn't be pushing it so close to Nationals. He gave me some pointers, but I think I just need to get some downhill gear and just let 'er rip. I don't know how he goes so fast...and he only rides his bike like 2x per month...grr. I DO go UPHILL faster though...but what fun is that! I'm currently seeking a physics professor who can tell me if he can corner faster because he's heavier and has more force keeping the tires on the dirt.

We finished up with the road climb up to Bear Creek and then the fun descent back down. I really felt like I was getting worked on my hardtail, but I think riding it will help my overall bike handling.

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Julia Radmann said...

Yeah, why is it that guys seems to always be faster on the downhill no matter how often they ride? Maybe we just need a dose of testosterone to help in that department...