Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm a happy girl

Yesterday's ride was FREAKING INCREDIBLE! Pefect weather and awesome trails. We rode a combination of some familiar FS road grinds, but threw in some new trails that I had never ridden. There are definitely some hidden gems out there that most people don't ride. The golden leaves lining some of the roads and trails were just beautiful, and when the wind blew, it would just rain leaves.

We found some really fun descents that were fairly rugged, but clear and rideable. Those are my favorite types of trails...pure mountain biking. No leaf blowers or work parties to move loose rocks off the trail. If a tree falls, ride over it. Leave the trail as you found it and just enjoy the splendor of nature. Ahhh...happy place.. I even got to practice my nav and not once did we have to bikewhack or get torn up by briars!

We put in over 6 hours of rolling time and didn't quite finish the route I had intended. I'm hoping I don't have to travel for work this week, as I'd really like to head back out there on Wednesday and ride some more and take some pictures before all the leaves fall.


Carey Lowery said...

And what/where are those hidden gems? Or are you going to keep them all to yourself. I will tell you some of mine if you tell me some of yours.

Lisa said...

Ha..I'll show you ALL of them after AR Nationals : )