Monday, October 20, 2008

Blue Ridge Day 2

Today we spent running and riding around in the Cooper Creek WMA. Since it was 36 degrees in the morning, we started with a trail run/hike that took us along the Cooper Creek Recreation Area trails as well as some unmarked stuff and up to the Duncan Ridge Trail. The view from Duncan Ridge was incredible, but of course I left my camera in the car again...grrr! We were out for four hours, but it sure didn't seem that long. There was a lot of up-down and my legs were feeling it.

Once we finished our hike, we did a short ride which included a short hike-a-bike and then a ride on some new-to-me jeep trails. We found a climb that was worthy of TR status in terms of energy expenditure, but after the crappy straight-up FS Road we were on yesterday (for like 3 miles straight!!) this one didn't seem THAT bad. We were rewarded with a somewhat rough descent, which actually didn't seem that bad on my hardtail (again, might have been the Flat Creek and Stanley Gap the day before). Once we hit one of the main FS roads, it was just a few miles of rolling roads back to the car.

It was a pretty productive weekend, so now I'm just resting up for Upstate next weekend in SC.

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