Thursday, October 23, 2008

Upstate Bound

Finally returned from VA, and am now finishing up my packing for the Upstate AR this weekend. So first off...WTF..its like, cold here! I swear it wasn't as cold further north...better pack some extra layers! Good news is there is no longer a 70% chance of rain for Saturday.

I'm a bit worried about this race as I'm racing with Bo and Jay Curwen, who may collectively destroy me out there. They are both super fast so that first 6 hours is going to HURT!

The 1st place prize for this race is an entry and airfare (for 4) to an AR in Abu Dhabi in December...basically a $10,000 prize. Sounds great, but now we're all kind of exhausted with racing and traveling and the thought of racing well into December just doesn't sound like something I want to do. Not to mention I'd end up going way into the hole on vacay time at work (again), and wouldn't be able to take any extra time off during the holidays. So more than likely, if we should by chance win, we will probably pass the prize down to the next team...maybe. I'm sure Neal is gasping at that, but we've just lost motivation since he's not here to rally the troops.

I briefly thought about taking a picture of my food bin for this race, to contrast the nice pic of Carey's healthy assortment...but it would just be too embarrasing. I don't think her coach would approve of my choices.....jelly bellys, coke, frappucino, fig bars, fruit roll ups, twix bars, hershey bars, granola bars, clif bloks, chef boy-ar-dee ravioli, chicken n stars soup to go, hawaiian rolls, caffinated gum, and ensure. All high calorie processed crap, but its not like I have time to grill some salmon and steam some broccoli at each ensures will have to function as my "healthy" food item.


Carey Lowery said...

Good luck and have fun this weekend.

Lynda says fig bars are good.

Actually, anything your gut tolerates on race day/night is good.

Neal said...


Neal said...

Bloody helll.... just win the dam race girl then have a nice sleep before you do anything rash! :)

FYI If Bo and Jay manage to hurt you in the first few hours...I pity them in the last few hours!!!

Be safe have fun and please pass on my best to Bo and Jay!


Julia said...

Just so you know, when you're crossing the finish in the middle of the night in first place, there'll be plenty people there waiting for you... bribing you with whatever it takes to get that 4th spot to Dubai. :)

Good luck this weekend!! We'll be cheering for you.