Friday, October 17, 2008

Cow Drop

Chris and I went up to Heritage Park in Canton for something called the "Pignic" (some sort of BBQ cookoff), which included 1000 Chick-Fil-A parachuting cows being dropped from a helicopter. Ten of those cows were good for free Chick-Fil-A for a year so we were all over it.

We got there just in time as the helicopter was approaching and when the first batch of cows was dropped, the crowd of people turned into a crazy mob. Thankfully, the majority of the "mob" was 10 year olds, so I didn't end up getting completely trampled. In the end, Chris and I caught around ten cows (none of which were winners), most of which we ended up giving away to various sad looking children who weren't able to catch one. One kid came up to us with a winning cow, but didn't even know it. I briefly contemplated trading him all six of mine for his one, but Chris said I'd go straight to hell! Probably right! There were only a few um..altercations that required police intervention and one child that got lost.

Now I'm working on getting the car packed up for our weekend training up in Blue Ridge.

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