Saturday, October 4, 2008


Wow, what a day...Chris and I taught a MTB skills clinic at Blankets this morning and I don't think we've ever seen so many injuries. It was a coed class, so instead of the usual South Loop ride, we went to a different area, that had some harder, steeper terrain. Maybe its actually good that SORBA won't build a trail over an 8% grade, otherwise we'd be plucking injured newbies out of the trails on a daily basis. As I was riding out with one of the injured participants, Chris took the rest of the class around the remainder of the Van Michael Loop where they watched someone [NOT IN OUR CLASS THANK YOU VERY MUCH] fall off the 6' drop off on the Van Michael trail. That didn't exactly inspire a lot of confidence in the rest of our group so several folks walked that section.

We went home, grabbed some lunch, and then went down to OutSpokin to pick up some fork parts...well, the second I walk through the door I get hassled for all the day's carnage...I think they even tried to pin the girl falling off the drop off on me...I WAS AT LEAST A MILE AWAY!!! Its amazing how fast word travels in these parts...I told Chris I REALLY hope I never have a bad crash at Blankets...if I do, I'm gonna crawl into some hole and hide till it gets dark so no one sees me.

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