Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Well, its Wednesday evening and I haven't done squat since OME...unless of course you count walking around while shopping as some sort of training. I DID do that for 1.5 hours today. I have to go to Winder for a meeting tomorrow, so I'll probably bring my bike and hit Ft. Yargo afterwards.

I'm probably going to bail on the cross race this weekend as the only reason I'd be racing is to try and score a leaders jersey for winning the first race of the series..I know..that is a horrible reason to race, but this jersey collecting game has become somewhat of an obsession...and they are really cool jerseys. I also have to fly to VA that evening and the thought of having to drive all the way up to Dahlonega and then back down to the airport...well, yuck!

I need to focus on AR for the next month anyways, as I have two big races coming up..Upstate AR and Nationals. Once Nationals are over, I can worry about cross, as there will still be over a month left of it, including the State Championships, which I will plan on attending (another chance for a jersey..ha ha).

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